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10 Key Facts: Edwin Encarnacion Parrot at Stadium

Edwin Encarnacion -An American Baseball Player

Edwin Encarnacion SonBelongs to relatively small country (Dominican Republic) “Edwin Encarnacion” is regarded as one of the finest players of the baseball world has ever seen in past few decades. He has been an integral part of “Toronto Blue Jays” in the “Major League baseball” (a.k.a North American baseball league) since 2009 and before that he played for “Cincinnati Reds”.

In his long career, he has been the choice for many club managers but once he got any of them he stayed there for a handsome amount of time (given the talents he possesses). He was born in Dominican Republic but later moved to U.S.A and now he is a U.S national.

He spends his most of the time in U.S.A- He got famous when he joined Major League baseball and it was the time to show his real skills though he represents his country’s baseball team but it is a known fact had he not been playing that North American league he would have probably been forgotten by the baseball world.

Zodiac Sign: Born in 7th of January he is a Capricorn according to Zodiac Calendar.

His Playing Style: He bats and throws with his right hand and that could be one of the reasons he seems to get everything in the right place (on a lighter note)

Playing Position: Edwin Encarnacion is a well reputed “hitter” of his team “Toronto Blue Jays” and has gathered so many victories for his club.

Shirt Number: He puts on number 10 shirt (playing for Toronto) and sports fans are aware of the crucial number 10 shirt which is given to the best player of the side.

Distinguished Personality: He is a tall man 6 ft and 2 in and almost weighs 235 pounds; he is cool as a cucumber on and off the field.

His Whereabouts: Edwin Encarnacion is often found in Puerto Rico (United States) unless he has to move for playing some baseball.

Teams Represented: Prior to joining “Toronto Blue Jays” he played for “Cincinnati Reds” and almost spent 4 years there.

Edwin Encarnacion Parrot: There you go he was found with the parrot sitting on his shoulder as calm as himself and giving no attention to the surroundings that’s something different from Edwin.

Number of Home Runs: As you are reading Edwin has hit around 241 home runs and this is something fascinating having been recovered after a severe injury on his shoulder back in 2009.

Legacy: Edwin got famous with his amazing performance in 2013 season and never looked back after that golden era and continues to increase his fan club.