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10 Things about Troy Tulowitzki – He’s Won MLB All Star Award

Troy Tulowitzki Biography and Facts

Troy Tulowitzki WifeCalifornian born professional baseball player of United States “Troy Tulowitzki” is regarded not only the best player but the leader as well in the field. He went to “Fremont High School” (California) and earned bachelor’s degree from there.

Troy had become the prominent player for his college team and he was on his way to become an all out professional player. Back in 2004 Troy was selected for “United States collegiate national team” and he proved his selection by winning gold medal for his team in “World University baseball championship”.

For 2006 season of “Major League Baseball”, he was considered by “Colorado rookies” and made his debut against “New York mets”. Troy has been associated with “Colorado rookies” since 2006 and has played more or less nine seasons with overall batting average of “.299” and gathered 182 home runs for his side.

He has managed to win several awards such as “MLB all star” (four times), “Gold Glove award” (twice). His popularity is subject to his high class leadership qualities in the baseball field and that skill gives him an edge over his fellows.

Birth Place: He was born in Santa Clara, California.

Family Background: Sources confirm that he is a polish descent and his forefathers came from some part of Poland and settled in U.S.A.

Zodiac Sign: Born on 10th of October he is a “Libra” according to zodiac calendar.

Nick: Troy Tulowitzki is not an easy name to pronounce, he has found a solution in a nick “Tulo” which is far easier than his full name.

His Playing Style: He is right handed, bats and throws with his right hand.

Club in MLB: Since his debut in major league baseball he has been part and parcel of “Colorado rookies”.

Jersey Number: He wears the shirt number 2 for his side (Colorado rookies) and there has been a story attached to his selection of number 2 jersey, in his early age he used to admire “Derek Jeter” (he wore shirt number 2). This is his way to pay homage to Jeter.

His Marital Life: The marriage ceremony of “Tulo” and his high school lover “Danyll Gammon” took place in Portola valley California in the year 2009 and his long time dream came true.

Favorite Artist: While giving an interview he told that his favorite musical personality was Jay-Z.

His Childhood Ideals: Troy liked “Nomar Garciaparra” and “Derek Jeter”, he gives credit to these gentlemen for deriving his interest towards baseball.