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11 Inspiring Facts about Tyus Jones ‘Point Guard Position’

Tyus Jones

Tyus Jones FriendAn American professional basketball player Tyus Jones (19 years of age) plays for “Minnesota Timberwolves” and he has been ranked amongst the top ten basketball players by ESPN and Rivals.com (which truly indicates the skills of young fellow).

#1 Zodiac Sign:

Tyus was born on 10th of May so his zodiac sign is Torus.

#2 Birthplace:

His personal profile says Minnesota is his birthplace and Tyus also represents the team of Minnesota (must be a proud feeling).

#3 Initial Career:

He started playing from his early teenage and represented “Apple Valley”, performed really well for his side during the whole season.

#4 Offered By:

Keeping in view Tyus’s great performance throughout the season for Apple Valley, he was offered by “Lowa” (Lowa Hawkeye’s men’s basketball).

#5 Playing the Position:

He plays in the crucial position of “Point Guard” and this has become his distinction now.

#6 Outstanding Player:

In the year 2015 (which is probably the best year of his career) he was declared the outstanding player of the year (quite an achievement for a rising star).

#7 Best Partners:

Tyus has made a very dangerous pair with “Quinn Cook” and they both have been playing some good basketball (definitely shows the team spirit of basketball).

#8 Ideal Physique for Basketball:

He is 6 feet 1 inch and his weight is almost 86 kg, which makes the lethal combination of height and weight for any basketball player.

#9 Acknowledgements:

Tyus Jones has got his hands on several awards but some of them are worthy to mention like “NCCA final four outstanding player 2015”, “AP honourable mention” and last but not the least “Mr. Basketball” in the year 2014.

#10 Talented Brother:

One of Tyus brothers “Tre” has represented U.S team and he is very proud to be his brother and they both share some common childhood memories.

#11 Relationship With Who:

It’s very difficult for high profile personalities to hide their personal life from the media so is the case with Tyus Jones, he has been seen with “Alyssa Goehner” (a volleyball player).