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9 Facts about Frank Kaminsky That You Don’t Know

Frank Kaminsky Biography and Facts

Frank Kaminsky picThe National College Player of the Year (2015) Frank Kaminsky plays for “Charlotte Hornets” and he has now become the upright basketball player of United States. Kaminsky belongs to sports-loving family his father played basketball for his college and his mother was a good volleyball player.

He actually received formal training of basketball when Kaminsky was taken to the academy in Illinois because of his uncle’s efforts and later he proved himself by playing in the National Basketball Association.

#1 Zodiac Sign:

Aries is his zodiac sign as he was born on April 4th, 1993 and no doubt he possesses the Aries quality of slow steady wins the race.

#2 Birth Place:

Illinois is the city where he was born and this is where he went through his training of basketball later.

#3 Little Luck:

Keeping in view Kaminsky’s passion for basketball his uncle (who worked for Chicago bulls) made it possible for him to use the facilities of Chicago Bulls and this really helped Kaminsky a lot.

#4 Playing Position:

He is seven footer and there is no better position for him than a centre-forward where keeps his eyes on his target very well.

#5 NBA Pick Up:

He was included at the 10th place of NBA draft pick, this is, of course, the reason we see him doing miracles on the Basketball court.

#6 Selected for Charlotte Hornets:

He performed really nice in his junior and senior season and came into the limelight, not to mention his name in Big Ten player of the year as well.

#7 Record of Highest Scoring:

In that particular day he scored 43 points alone and created the record which seems to be impossible for many players.

#8 As a Lively Young Boy:

Kaminsky doesn’t only play basketball his fans know him as an elegant dancer, he uploaded his dance video of the song “shake it off” and told the world about his hidden talent.

#9 Twitter Fans:

No doubt about that Kaminsky loves being social right now his twitter account has 128 K’s followers, but he is growing day by day.