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Armeena Rana Khan From Modeling to Acting

Armeena Rana Khan Biography

The gorgeous Armeena Khan, who is 5 feet 6 inches height, having hazel colored eyes, long brown hair and hence a complete package of beauty is a Canada-born Pakistani actress indicating a mixture of ethnicities. She was born on 30 March 1987.  At very young age she started walking on the ramp for representing some Canadian brands. Her interest in showbiz tented her to go ahead, and she began her career while studying for a bachelor’s degree at University in the UK.  Among her projects telefilms, plays, films, and especially her modeling projects are of prime importance.

Armeena Rana Khan Wedding

Some rumors have been heard about her engagement and marriage on social media but she has categorically denied all such absurd things. She has cleared that she will surely marry but that right time has not come yet in her life.

Armeena Rana Khan Modeling

Armeena Rana Khan FianceThe sizzling sexiest personality, innocence bearing smiles and fabulous moves on the ramp made Armeena as one the highest demanded icon in the industry.

She has worked on many national and international projects working as a commercial model thereby making the campaigns as the most acclaimed and successful. Many major South Asian brands like Nishat Linen made unbound success due to this fantastic female, in 2011. Moreover, the success of this campaign resulted in a bigger repeat in 2012. She is currently working with many international brands.

Armeena Rana Khan Film Projects

In 2011, Armeena stepped into Bollywood by shooting her first feature film ‘It’s too much’ which was released in 2013. She delivered a remarkable performance in this movie and won many hearts of film lovers. Then Armeena Rana Khan was nominated at the Limelight Film Awards in London for her Canadian film” Writhe” in 2013.

She did a female leading role in this movie. Onward her guest appearance as a singer in a song for an International movie named as ‘Unforgettable’ was a step in her career in international projects. Among her other international projects are the movies with names as Bin Roey, Janam, Yalgar.

Armeena Khan Drama Projects

Her unique character molding ability in many TV plays has shown that she is a versatile lady. Among her TV projects on HUM TV and ARY Digital, Happily married, shab e Arzo Ka Alam, Muhabbat Ab Nahi Ho Gi, and Ishq Parasat, are above board. In addition to that, she also worked on a project named as Karb which was a great success. She did a tremendous job in this drama with a character name Haniya.

Armeena Rana Khan Interview

In one of her interviews, the gorgeous queen said that she started working in Pakistan with a music video (some time back) and did some shoots with Khawar Riaz. She also said that she was more interested in acting that was the reason she chose to pursue acting. She also expressed her intention for theater work on the right and suitable offer.

She also said that she felt a huge demand for new faces because there were foreign investments coming into the film industry. She also said that there were more plays and literally no new actors to meet a demand and supply cycle. She also said that for filling this gap, producers were looking abroad.

On the set of Yalghaar with Bilal Ashraf, while answering a question regarding her edge over local actresses, she said that she had a slight disadvantage. She had some apprehensions at that time which she expressed in her interview but she was hopeful in covering those by her work.

She also said that she has an international advantage of operating in UK and America because she had no visa issue. She admitted about her plans to work all over the world. Taking about her looks she revealed that her looks can transcend beyond one nationality, so she intended to explore that. She was so happy while expressing that Pakistan had always been welcoming her.