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Why Is Bilal Lashari a Close Friend of Hamza Ali Abbasi?

Bilal Lashari Biography

Bilal Lashari and Hamza Ali AbbasiBilal Lashari is known as one of the best Pakistani film screenwriter, cinematographer and director. He got fame after making his debut movie named Waar in 2013. The movie was considered to be the revival of Pakistan cinema. He has gotten the special education of Arts as he has done his graduation from the Academy of Art University from San Francisco, United States of America.

After doing his graduation from there, he earned his degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television and Motion Pictures in the year of 2008. Later on, he returned to Pakistan, and decided to make quality movies for the revival of Pakistani cinema. Due to his qualification and production of quality work, he is also listed on IMDB and also renowned in Hollywood.

Bilal Lashari Wife

Bilal lashari got unfathomable fame and worked with many male and female celebrities. It is the real essence of digital media that he was not scandalized with any female celebrity. It is obvious that the boy belongs to the Baloch Lashari family so it is anticipated that he will be marrying within his own cast. He has not found interested in any female either in showbiz or out of showbiz.

But, still it is hoped that he is committed to his work due to quality outputs purged by him in the past decade. He is not married yet and there is not report regarding his marriage in future till date. But, it can be estimated that he is not going to marry to soon without getting himself to the peak of his career.

Bilal Lashari Showbiz Career

Bilal Lashari was on his summar vacation and came to Pakistan. His friend was discussing about the creation of videos for Atif and soon he stuck with the idea of creating video songs. Bilal Lashari did not come into the industry just by starting the making of movies. He started his career by directing the music videos and that is why he was given the award of best video maker in the Lux Style Award twice at Pakistani MTV.

The video that was nominated best for the awards was Sajni song that was performed by Jal Band. Apart from this, he was also working as an assistant director for making of Khuda Ke Liay movie with Shoaib Mansoor in the year of 2004. Lashari also worked on another blockbuster named Waar. The movie was according to the international standards and earned so much fame and imparted its role for the revival of cinema in Pakistan after Khuda Ke Liay.

Bilal Lashari Pics

Bilal Lashari Interviews

There are a lot of interviews taken by different TV channels and News Channels in which he proclaimed his personal and professional life in an attractive way. When he was asked about the idea of creating the television dramas and serials that is a bit different from the creation of videos of songs and movies, he expressed that he has some brilliant ideas for working for Television viewers. But, the idea is totally different as it cannot be compared to the notion that is being shown to the TV viewers now a day.

It would be incorporated with the totally different story and stuff such as it can be compared to the film making for the channel HBO. He also stated that the level of dramas would be of the international level as it will not be comparable to the traditional dramas that are on air across the continental. He clarified that the dramas will be identical to the dramas that are being run on the American Television channels to give both the domestic and international viewers the real image. He is good friend of Hamza Ali Abbasi and both of them admire Imran Khan (cricketer and politician), and went to meet hime at his Dharna together.