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Cristiano Ronaldo Shoes Tell An Interesting Story

Cristiano Ronaldo Shoes

Cristiano Ronaldo FamilyThe living legend and the icon of football world Cristiano Ronaldo shoes are famous among his fand, he has been wearing the Nike shoes since he has started his career, though so many models have been changed or created for him especially by Nike and also given special names to the shoes made by Nike for Cristiano. Currently he wears “Nike Mercurial Superfly soccer cleats” which has been the topic of discussion by football commentators.

In the beginning of his career he wore “Nike Mercurial Chrome” and he almost continued wearing those shoes for his first season by Manchestor United. Then Cristiano began to work with Nike for making customized shoes and back in 2008 he was given a new “Model” named “Nike Mercurial Super Light” back then that became popular but nowadays almost obsolete n the markets.

In the year 2010 when Cristiano was getting at the peak of his career Nike launched new pair of shoes which had Cristinao’s signature on them; “Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Cleat” and that was actually the beginning of the new era of popularity of football shoes all around the world. The next model of the same 2010’s series came under the name of “Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII CR7” followed by the mirrored design model which was unique in its design “Cristiano Ronaldo Vapor Superfly III”…

Then 2012 saw the unveiling of new pairs of shoes for Cristiano “Mercurial Vapor VIII” which were black with the addition of bright pink color soul (really made a stunning look and gave extra speed to Cristiano) and the most significant thing with those shoes was that it had the slogan as well, it read as “Love to win/hate to lose”. In the world cup 2014 he wore the shoes of the same Mercurial series actually they were Mercurial IV with the goldensoul.

Nike has really been keen in launching the special manufactured shoes for Cristiano, his fans and he himself have been enjoying the specifications provided by Nike and the sophisticated design which really helps him make his skills more better… we will have to wait and see for some new design for Cristiano.