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Hareem Farooq Wedding: Her Biography Tells About Weight Loss

Hareem Farooq Biography

Hareem Farooq is considered one of the finest actresses who have the ability to perform on any drama or movie script. The young actress was born on 26th May, 1989 and possesses the height of 5ft 7 inches. She was born in Islamabad that is also considered her home town, but later on she migrated to Karachi due to indulgence in acting profession.

Her Zodiac sign in Gemini and she is single right now. She has completed her graduation from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. The current age of actress is 25 years. She is considered one of the actresses with perfect height and due to this fact she also done her roles in movies.

Hareem Farooq Wedding

One of the bitter truths of showbiz industry is that when an actor or actress gets fame, he or she is scandalized. There are a lot of actors and actresses in the industry who undergo the criticism even having friends. Luckily, Hareem Farooq is has not been associated with any person nor scandalized in the industry.

She is found to be devoted and interested in her career with passion to move to the top of the list of finest actresses. However, unlike other famous and successful actresses, she has not shown any wedlock commitment nor has she shown any of her close friends to her fans.

Hareem Farooq Showbiz Career

Hareem Farooq is considered one of those actresses who come up from the base of acting platforms such as theatre. Hareem Farooq had shown her acting skills on stage dramas. She debuted her acting skills with the famous drama Angan Terha written by Anwar Maqsood that ran in theatre successfully.

After this, she has done much other theatre but another theatre that brought her fame was Pawney 14 August. She impressed the film makers and she was in the cast of movie Siyaah. In that movie, she played the central role and she was nominated for best actresses at ARY Film Awards.

Later on, she was offered the roles on TV which she happily accepted and nourished her skills for TV. She made her debut on TV screen with drama Serial named Mausam that was broadcasted on Hum Television, her co-actresses included Ahsan Khan and Yumna Zaidi.

Later on she also worked in many dramas that are Doosri Biwi, Dayar-e-Dil, Mere Humdum Mere Dost. All of her dramas gave good feedbacks and responses and she is offered more projects on TV.

Hareem Farooq News

Hareem Farooq and Osman Khalid ButtHareem Farooq has moved from Islamabad to Karachi and living with her family there. She is currently working on different projects that are about to come on air and it is hoped that they all will show good response and will be appreciated by the audience. It is believed that she likes to give surprises to her fans, someday she might shock her fans with the news of her wedding of engagement. Currently, she is not seen with anyone or found in relationship with any person.

Hareem Farooq Interviews

Hareem Farooq got fame from her movie named Siyaah, however, she was also working in theatre before coming in the movies. She gave many interviews to TV channels and Magazines. She also remained in the news after having nomination for best actress in movie Siyaah.

She told in her interview that she was fond of acting and she knew that she had to work hard to get her name in the list of good actresses. This is why, she started to show her acting skills from theatre. After that, she got the change to come up and nourish her skills in the TV showbiz.