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Kyle Seager Facts – He Says UNC Is a Win-Win Situation

Kyle Seager Facts and Quotes

Kyle Seager Family“Third baseman” specialist Kyle Seager is a professional baseball player currently plays for “Seattle Mariners” in Major league Baseball. He belongs to a family of professional baseball players; his other two brothers “Corey” associated with the club “Los Angeles Dodgers”, and “Justin” plays for “Mariners”.

Seager was very much interested in playing baseball as he won so many games for his high school baseball team. Then he continued playing at university level played for the “North Carolina University”. Seager entered the arena of professional baseball in the year 2011 when he was hired by “Seattle Mariners” and he was given the position of a third baseman (very crucial responsibility in baseball).

His batting average is 263 and managed to hit 81 home runs for his side. In 2014, he was awarded the “Gold Glove” award and Seattle Mariners decided to extend its contract with Seager for next 7 years in a hundred million dollars.

Zodiac Sign: Born on November 3rd he is a scorpion and he possesses traits of this zodiac sign.

Native Land: Seager was born and raised in North Carolina (United States) and this is where he started playing baseball and later moved to pursue a professional career.

In Relationship With: He married to Julie back in 2011 and it has been a smooth marital relationship since then, she often comes to watch him play which is very encouraging for Seager.

Playing Style: He is a combo of both right and left as he bats with his left hand and when it comes to throwing Seager prefers his left hand and that makes him unique in the field.

Shirt Number: It’s a tradition in a baseball that third baseman puts jersey number 15 so he seems to follow the tradition and his shirt number is 15 in Seattle Mariners.

Career Highlights: He averages .263 and gathers 81 home runs with his bat since his debut in the year 2011 and it has almost been five years or so with his association with the Seattle Mariners.

Awards and Appreciation: He has been very much promising in the year 2014; all the major awards he has got in that year be it All-Star Award, Gold Glove Award and last but not the least and he has got this twice (both in 2014) Al-player of the week.

Baseball and His Family: It’s like baseball is in the blood of Seager and his brothers, Corey and Justin play professional baseball and together they enjoy talking and playing baseball very much.