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Lionel Messi Wife and Only Son Celebrate His Goals

Lionel Messi Biography

Lionel Messi fansThe living legend from Argentina “Linoel Messi” better known as Leo Messi was born in the city of “Rosario” (Argentina) on 24th of June 1987 (he is currently28 years). His grandparents came from Italy and Spanish and settled here in Argentina, Leo is at third amongst his four siblings.

The passion for football was intrinsic in his family Leo started playing football at the early age of 4 with his cousins and brothers (two of his cousins later became the professional footballers as well “Maximiliano” and “Biancucchi”). He dedicated his success to his grandmother Celia who would bring her to the local club and even coached him.

Messi joined the Rosario football club when he was 11 and set a record of scoring highest goals; over 500 and got the title of “Machine of ‘87” (pointing out his birth year). Leo was on his way to becoming a professional footballer but at the age of 10 he was told by his doctors that he had got the disease called “Hormone Growth Deficiency” and it could have prevented him from being even a normal person, his father’s insurance policy came to rescue him this time and got recovered to come back to the field.

It was back in 2000 when Leo gave the first trial to Barcelona and impressed the then director and he just wanted to sing this young prodigy but couldn’t do so and Leo had to wait for another year to be officially selected by Barcelona.

He started playing for youth side of Barcelona and scored 36 goals and proved his selection once again. His teammates used to call him dwarf (enano in Spanish) because of his unusual small height but he has now the height of 5 and a half feet.

The Senior Barcelona FC

After going through the tough training from junior teams of Barcelona he finally made it to the senior Barcelona FC in the year 2005; he started as a right winger and made the formidable formation with another legendary footballer “Ronaldinho”.

He scored several goals in his first matches and became a major player from Barcelona side. With his continuing success by his club Barcelona he was also doing well for his national team, Leo made a debut in 2006 in a friendly match against Hungary. He has played three FIFA world cups and in 2014 he captained his team to the final but lost to Germany in the dying minutes of Extra time.

Lionel Messi Wife and Son

Currently, he is residing in Barcelona with his wife “Rocuzzo” and a son “Thiago”. He spends a quality time with his family and love seeing then at football ground, especially in his success times.