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Shehzad Roy Wife: Along With Zoe Viccaji and Iman Ali

Shehzad Roy Biography

Shehzad Roy wifeThe Pakistani singer, song writer, guitarist and social activist, Shehzad Roy was born in the city of Karachi on 16th February, 1977. Earlier on, this boy started his career as a singer but later on, he turned into an active social activist and got involved into the projects for the betterment of schools, education, hospitals and the poverty of masses of Pakistan. Through the years, Shehzad Roy did fabulous work in the field of music. He earned several honors for his outstanding and soulful music. Shehzad Roy sings in the pop genre of the music.

Shehzad Roy Wedding

Shehzad Roy got married to MTV VJ Salma who is also a known face of Pakistani entertainment industry. Her marriage got controversial because at that time, Shehzad Roy was doing a Geo TV program ‘Chal Parha’ in which he was criticizing the government for excluding the book of Islamiyat from the syllabus.

The reason of criticism on Shehzad Roy was that Salma was an ultra modern girl. We can see her images in western attires on the internet. So, it was quite obvious that she was a bold girl. People blamed Shehzad Roy for his dual standards and they said that there is a clear contradiction between the views and actions of Shehzad Roy.

However, the marriage ceremony of Shehzad Roy was attended by several celebrities. His family and friends also enjoyed the functions of Shehzad Roy’s marriage ceremony.

Shehzad Roy Showbiz Career

The first album of Shehzad Roy was released in the year 1995. Well, Shehzad Roy was pretty young at that time but he got recognition for his singing. Till today, Shehzad Roy has released six albums and it shows the success of Shehzad Roy in the music industry.

Shehzad Roy did a famous program ‘Wasu aur Main’ which was admired from the masses of Pakistan. Wasu is a folk singer of Baluchistan and Shehzad Roy discovered him through You Tube.  With Wasu, Shehzad Roy sung songs and also presented the social issues of Pakistan.

In addition to that, he did a program ‘Chal Parha’ in which he visited 200 schools while he was riding a bike. It was actually an educational program which was a source of betterment of education in Pakistan. Shehzad Roy has also performed as a play back singer for Akshay Kumar’s film.

Through the years, Shehzad Roy has won several awards for his singing like Ptv World Awards, 1st Indus Music Awards, Indus Style Awards, Indus Music Video Awards, 3rd Indus Music Awards, Mtv Style Awards, Mtv Music Awards, 8th Lux Style Awards and 1st Hum TV Awards.

Shehzad Roy has also earned Sitara e Imtiaz for his singing talent. Apart from that, the organization of Shehzad Roy also earned Sitara e Eisaar for their participation in the rehabilitation process of earth quake 2005.

Shehzad Roy News

Shehzad Roy along with Zoe Viccaji and Iman Ali is going to release a new song in the year 2016. It is titled as ‘Jind Jaan’ and Iman Ali is playing the role of Shehzad Roy’s lover while Roy is playing the role of a tough guy. In addition to that, you can also listen to his new patriotic song ‘Zindabad’. You are going to love these songs.

Shehzad Roy Interviews

Shehzad Roy said in an interview that he is passionate about his singing and spends too much time to create a single note. Apart from that, Shehzad Roy loves to serve people. He said that he wants to educate the people of Pakistan especially the children He has a soft heart and he cannot bear the malpractice and corruption which is in vogue in Pakistan.